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class  GUITreeEditor
 This GUITreeEditor shows the DOM tree for the GUI. More...
class  MultiListPropertyComponent
class  Palette
 The Palette is the list of available components to be dragged into the tree or the GUI window. More...
class  PropertiesEditor
class  StyleBoolPropertyComponent
class  StyleChoicePropertyComponent
class  StyleColourPropertyComponent
class  StyleGradientPropertyComponent
class  StylePropertyComponent
class  StyleTextPropertyComponent
class  ToolBox
 The Toolbox defines a floating window, that allows live editing of the currently loaded GUI. More...
class  ApplicationSettings
 ApplicationSettings are persistent settings shared by all plugin instances. More...
class  MagicGUIBuilder
 The MagicGUIBuilder is responsible to recreate the GUI from a single ValueTree. More...
class  SliderItem
class  ComboBoxItem
class  TextButtonItem
class  ToggleButtonItem
class  LabelItem
class  PlotItem
class  XYDraggerItem
class  KeyboardItem
class  DrumpadItem
class  LevelMeterItem
class  MidiLearnItem
class  ListBoxItem
class  MagicPluginEditor
 This is a generic AudioProcessorEditor, that is completely defined and styled by drag and drop. More...
class  MagicProcessor
 This is a convenience class to create a plugin using PluginGuiMagic. More...
struct  SettableProperty
 A SettableProperty is a value that can be selected by the designer and will be set for the Component each time the ValueTree is loaded. More...
class  AtomicValueAttachment
 The AtomicValueAttachment allows to read from a Value in a thread safe manner. More...
class  MouseLambdas
class  ParameterAttachment
 The ParameterAttachment is a class you can use to have a value synchronised with an AudioProcessorParameter. More...
class  ScopedInterProcessLock
struct  Box
class  Container
 The Container is a GuiItem, that can hold multiple Components. More...
class  Decorator
class  GradientBackground
class  GuiItem
 The GuiItem class will draw borders and descriptions around widgets, if defined. More...
class  RootItem
class  Stylesheet
 The Stylesheet class represents all style information. More...
class  JuceLookAndFeel_V2
class  JuceLookAndFeel_V3
class  JuceLookAndFeel_V4
class  LookAndFeel
class  Skeuomorphic
class  MagicGUIState
 The MagicGuiState is the docking station for the MagicGUIBuilder. More...
class  MagicProcessorState
 The MagicProcessorState is a subclass of MagicGUIState, that adds AudioProcessor specific functionality. More...
class  MidiParameterMapper
 The MidiParameterMapper allows to connect CC values to RangedAudioParameters. More...
class  ParameterManager
class  RadioButtonManager
class  RadioButtonHandler
class  MagicAnalyser
 This will plot the magnitudes of the frequencies in a signal. More...
class  MagicFilterPlot
 This will plot the frequency responce for a juce IIR filter. More...
class  MagicLevelSource
class  MagicOscilloscope
 This class collects your samples in a circular buffer and allows the GUI to draw it in the style of an oscilloscope. More...
class  MagicPlotSource
 The MagicPlotSources act as an interface, so the GUI can visualise an arbitrary plot of data. More...
class  AutoOrientationSlider
 This is a Slider, that holds an attachment to the AudioProcessorValueTreeState. More...
class  FileBrowserDialog
class  MagicLevelMeter
class  MagicPlotComponent
 The MagicPlotComponent allows drawing the data from a MagicPlotSource. More...
class  MidiDrumpadComponent
class  MidiLearnComponent
 The MidiLearnComponent displays the last moved CC controller and allows via dragging onto a knob to connect to its parameter. More...
class  XYDragComponent
 This is a 2D parameter dragging component. More...


using SharedApplicationSettings = juce::SharedResourcePointer< ApplicationSettings >


enum  ComboIDs : int { TypeEdit =1000 , NodeEdit =2000 , ClassEdit =3000 , PaletteEdit =4000 }
enum class  LayoutType { Contents , FlexBox , Tabbed }
 The LayoutType defines after which method. More...
enum class  ScrollMode { NoScroll , ScrollHorizontal , ScrollVertical , ScrollBoth }
 The scroll mode. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ SharedApplicationSettings

using SharedApplicationSettings = juce::SharedResourcePointer<ApplicationSettings>

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ ComboIDs

enum ComboIDs : int

◆ LayoutType

enum LayoutType

The LayoutType defines after which method.


◆ ScrollMode

enum ScrollMode

The scroll mode.