As a Freebie we provide the basis of our upcoming Frequalizer. It features frequency response plots, six filters. You can choose of a variety of filter types, including Shelf, Peak and Notch filters. There are shortcuts to solo each filter and to activate and deactivate each filter.

Frequalizer Screenshot


The Frequalizer features 6 individual frequency bands with each 11 different filter types, including peak, notch, shelving, high pass and low pass. Each band can be individually turned on and off, as well as switched to solo mode, disabling all other bands.

The Frequalizer features an analyzer, that will show the frequencies in the signal before entering the filters and when leaving out of the filter.

Plugin formats

The Frequalizer will run on Mac OSX 10.11 and newer. Supported:

  • AU Hosts like Logic, Ableton, Audition, etc.
  • VST3 Hosts like Reaper and other.
  • AAX For ProTools 10 and higher.

The Frequalizer will run on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and newer:

  • VST3 Cubase and other hosts, that support that format.
  • AAX For ProTools 10 and higher.


OSX Mac OSX FrequalizerFree_OSX 1.2.0 AU / VST3 / AAX
OSX Mac OSX FrequalizerFree_OSX 1.1.1 AU / VST3 / AAX
Windows Windows FrequalizerFree_WIN (x64) 1.1.1 VST3 / AAX