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Foleys-Finest Audio created with CrazyDelay a new versatile rendition of the 60s tape delay effect, heard in many famous productions of that time. Moving the tape’s playhead during playing lets you create the specific speed-up and slow-motion like effects, while controlled feedback leads to psychedelic sounds. It is a great tool to enrich your front line or just to create ambience in the background.

CrazyDelay Screenshot

But unlike the hardware original, you will not be limited by the fixed feedback chain, but you have the option to add up to four effects into the feedback chain, like a limiter, which is very handy in combination with the feedback, equalizing and compression. And we will add crushing effects in the future, like distortion, stereo panners and pitch.


The Crazydelay features a delay loop 3 seconds worth of audio. You can move the delay playhead and it will speed up or slow down the signal to adjust the delay time. This effect is known from 60s Tape Delays, when the playhead is moved along the recording infinite tape loop.

The Signal to feed back has four plugin slots to modify the signal on each feed back. These plugin slots can be set to:

  • Limiter
  • Compressor
  • Equalizer
  • Stereo width / tilt / auto pan

Plugin formats

The Frequalizer will run on Mac OSX 10.11 and newer. Supported:

  • AU Hosts like Logic, Ableton, Audition, etc.
  • VST3 Hosts like Reaper and other.
  • AAX For ProTools 10 and higher.

The Frequalizer will run on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and newer:

  • VST3 Cubase and other hosts, that support that format.
  • AAX For ProTools 10 and higher.


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