PluginGuiMagic: A WYSWYG runtime design system for JUCE Plugins

JUCE is a framework, that allows to write cross platform audio applications and DAW Plugins. Adding the foleys_plugin_magic module allows to have a generated UI, that can be edited at runtime using advanced layout and styling options. It also adds visualisers to display signals, levels and spectra with no extra coding involved.

FoleysSynth Screenshot


The module will display an editor panel attached outside of the ProcessorEditor you are editing. In three resizeable sections it displays the Components as tree structure (DOM), a property editor to adjust settings and colours in a CSS manor and a palette of available Components. You can add your own bespoke Components without modifying the code to be available for the designer.

These are some of the already available Components:

  • Slider
  • ToggleButton, TextButton
  • ComboBox
  • Label
  • XY-Dragger
  • LevelMeter, Plot
  • MidiKeyboardComponent
  • WebBrowserComponent

And those Visualisers are already present:

  • LevelMeter
  • Oscilloscope
  • Frequency Analyser
  • IIR FrequencyResponsePlot

Equalizer Screenshot


PluginGuiMagic is free to use for non-commercial projects under the BSD-V2 (3 clause) license, see License

If you are selling plugins or applications using foleys_gui_magic, you are required to buy a license. The selling page will be online soon, meanwhile please get in touch with

The commercial license is per developer/designer who works on the project(s):

Annual license

119.00 USD (*)
equals 9.92 USD per month
for one developer or designer

Half year license

69.00 USD (*)
equals 11.50 USD per month
for one developer or designer

Quarterly license

39.00 USD (*)
equals 13.00 USD per month
for one developer or designer

  • Prices don’t include VAT


You find the API documantation here: PluginGuiMagic (doxygen)

Github repository

Find the module to add to your project here:

There is also a repository containing several example projects to get an idea from: To clone use the --recurse-submodules flag:

git clone --recurse-submodules