Consulting the audio industry

Foleys Finest Audio develops audio tools, plugins and other building blocks to make audio software better. With many years in the audio industry we developed a modern style following best practices as they appear. We focus on solid and well maintainable code in C++.

Integrating everywhere

We have experience in all major DAWs and deploy in a diverse set of APIs. Our portfolio covers VST, Apple (tm) AudioUnits and AVID (tm) AAX plugins.

Our software is designed to run on Windows PCs, Apple computers as well as mobile platforms like iOS and Android. We also run Linux computers and develop software for Linux.

Modules for Audio Development

For audio developers we offer libraries and JUCE modules for GUI design/WYSWYG editing and audio visualisation. We also develop a video framework to make video editing within JUCE audio applications possible.

Some of our modules are available for free and open source, some require a license to be used in commercial products.